I cannot believe that over 900 people have managed to be hoodwinked by that outrageous post by owning-my-truth by now. He admits in his own post that he rarely listens to K-pop any longer and therefore, he wouldn’t have taken time to even find out where and how Hyunah’s song originated from.

Guess what? It’s from a Korean nursery rhyme! Do you see any implications about black people in there?

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He doesn’t even want to listen to explanations apparently because according to his post and his K-pop tag, the genre is inherently evil and full of racists. Context no longer matters when you see things that ring alarm bells in your head so let’s just hang Hyunah out to dry with lies and misinformation.

That nursery rhyme is where Hyunah found inspiration for her new song. She sees HERSELF as a monkey personality-wise and also because she was born in the year of the monkey (1992). Her holding a monkey and riding a banana have nothing to do with black people as much as you wish it did so you could write her off.

Also, the dancer, Lex, has been with them since Hyunah did Trouble Maker’s Now. He is not just there as a prop designed to give off maximum racist effect, he has been with her dance team (Star System & Switch) in performances ever since she started promoting. Other people and myself have reached out to him to see how he feels being painted as a victim of racism without his knowledge because unlike others, I don’t enjoy stripping people of their voices without informing them. 

All in all, this entire business is entirely disgusting and I wish people would look for the facts first before believing a post made without context. It took two paragraphs and three photographs for you to believe someone who doesn’t even know what he’s talking about in this case. It’s inexcusable.

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Haru is so cute

Haru x Junu


This may sound weird, but I’m shipping these two real kids…

It all started when Haru keep calling Junu oppa!!!

Haru first hug! (she’s so daring!!)

another hugs on different occasion..and more hugs after that..

and then their first date.. awww!! Junu is a gentleman!

┌2008-2013: The Evolution of IU

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the truth of my bias(es)

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Sungjong’s Healing Photos

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This is INFINITE episode 01: Sungjong